Emergency Dentistry Services in Peachtree City, GA

Broken braces, knocked-out teeth, and other forms of dental emergency can rock the foundation of your day. Patients who have suffered unexpected dental injuries often find themselves panicking about what to do next, but it’s important to remember in these moments that emergency dentists can provide comprehensive and immediate care.

My Emergency Dental specializes in dealing with dental emergencies, including extreme tooth pain, bleeding from the gums, or knocked-out teeth. We provide comprehensive care to people in Peachtree City — you can contact our Marietta or Stockbridge office and receive same-day dental treatment for your dental emergency.

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Understanding Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies range in their level of severity, and there can be a variety of causes too. They are often characterized by sudden damage to the teeth and soft tissue around the mouth, but they can also include orthodontic emergencies such as broken braces. Here are some of the most common dental emergencies that emergency dentists deal with.


Severe or persistent tooth pain can indicate various issues such as tooth decay, infection, or dental trauma. In this situation, you can take over-the-counter medications to ease the pain, wash your mouth gently with warm water, and apply a cold compress. Next, you must seek emergency dental care.

Cracked teeth or a broken tooth

Accidents and injuries can cause a full or partial fracture to the teeth. This can lead to pain and various complications if left untreated, so make sure to visit an emergency dentist immediately.

Knocked-out tooth

Knocked-out teeth, also known as tooth avulsion, require immediate attention from an emergency dentist to increase the chances of being saved. This is especially important in the case of a permanent tooth.

Lost filling or crown

If a dental filling or crown falls out, it can expose sensitive parts of the tooth and cause discomfort or pain. This classifies as a dental emergency as patients will require immediate dental care.

Dental Abscess

An abscess is a bacterial infection causing a painful swelling filled with pus. It typically requires immediate treatment to prevent further complications.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the mouth, including gums, tongue, lips, or cheeks, can result in pain and potential infection. This can cause complications for your dental health and constitutes a dental emergency.

Orthodontic Emergencies

Issues with braces, such as broken wires or brackets, can cause discomfort and require emergency dentistry services.

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Availability of Emergency Dental Services

My Emergency Dental offers same-day treatment for dental emergencies, and since we specialize in emergency dental services, we’ll always try to treat you immediately. You can book an appointment at either one of our locations. We have an office in Marietta and another in Stockbridge, and each location is less than an hour away from Peachtree City.

Same-day appointments combine convenience with effectiveness in an emergency situation. While our emergency room also supports walk-ins for residents of Peachtree City, booking an appointment will give you priority access to our specialist team of dentists.

The Services We Offer

We specialize in emergency dental services and offer comprehensive care to patients suffering from dental injuries. We provide:

  • Immediate pain relief in a dental emergency
  • Oral surgeries such as tooth extractions
  • Treatment for dental trauma and injuries, including a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, or facial swelling around the oral cavity
  • Endodontics, including root canal therapy and other restorative procedures
  • Preventative dentistry and comprehensive examinations for many kinds of dental issue
  • Full or partial dentures
  • Periodontics, including deep cleaning services to ensure your oral health

A woman receiving treatment from a dentist.

The Importance of Immediate Care During a Dental Emergency

You should receive emergency dental care within 1 hour of an incident. This helps to save valuable time in a situation where acting fast makes all the difference.

For example, a patient who has suffered a knocked-out tooth can save the tooth as long as it is treated promptly. Urgent dental care can reattach the tooth to the gums and schedule a root canal treatment to ensure longevity. From there, the ‘previously-knocked-out’ tooth can last for a lifetime.

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Finding an Emergency Dentist in Peachtree City, GA

My Emergency Dental can be reached in less than an hour from Peachtree City, GA, with two locations in the Atlanta metropolitan area: Marietta and Stockbridge. We can provide an emergency dentist 7 days a week, from 8 am until midnight. You can either schedule an appointment to be seen on the same day as your dental emergency or use our walk-in emergency room.

A Final Word from My Emergency Dental

During a dental emergency, it’s essential to act in a timely manner to ensure optimal outcomes are reached. We provide emergency dental care to residents of Peachtree City, GA, and can help in a wide variety of situations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need immediate care in Peachtree City, GA. We are ready to spring into action the moment you need our help, and our experienced team of dentists can provide comprehensive treatment for all your emergency dental needs.

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