Root Canal

We know the term “root canal” can cause terror just from the name alone.

At My Emergency Dental, we are here to put your mind at ease.

Modern day endodontics are nothing like they were in the past. Today’s technology has progressed to shorten the length of the appointment, as well as increase the life-span of the tooth being treated. With effective anesthesia and advanced technology, as well as other methods of sedation, if necessary, we have many tools in our toolbelt to give you the best possible experience in the chair.

If you know you need a root canal and are afraid to receive treatment, come in today and let us take care of your fears so we can take care of your teeth!

Keep in mind that a root canal is only the first step in a 2-3 step process of saving a tooth. The second and third part involve building the tooth back up and then putting a crown on top of the tooth to keep its strength and stability. Don’t wait too long before completing the process! There is nothing worse to a dentist than seeing a tooth that has had a root canal but can no longer be saved because the other steps in the restoration process were not completed in a timely manner.

We offer financing and are happy to help you if you have any questions about pricing and payment.

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Sometimes you just need temporary relief until you can make your appointment with your endodontist.

Other times, you may be unsure of whether or not you want to save your tooth and need pain relief until you are able to make your decision.

If either of these scenarios speak to you, a pulpectomy may be your best option.

A pulpectomy is a partial root canal. The first part of a root canal involves removing the decayed tooth structure and infection, along with the nerve or nerves in the tooth. This is a pulpectomy.

The second part involves shaping the canal and then sealing it so bacteria can’t get back in. The second part completes the root canal.

Keep in mind that waiting for a month or longer to complete treatment will result in reinfection so be sure to follow up with your treatment as soon as you are able!