Urgent Dental Care

Pain Relief (Palliative Care)

Palliative care involves medication, treatment, or a combination thereof. It is a temporary solution to alleviate pain and/or swelling until permanent treatment can be rendered.

urgent dental care
urgent dental care

Same Day Tooth Extractions

Extractions vary from a “simple extraction” to a “surgical extraction”. Simple extractions involve removing the tooth by applied pressure and elevation, with minimal trauma to the bone and surrounding tissue. Surgical extractions are necessary when the tooth is broken to the point where there is not enough tooth structure to apply pressure above the jaw bone level, or when the tooth has complicated root structure that requires sectioning prior to removal. It can also be required if the bone is “ankylosed” or fused to the bone.

*It is important to be aware that determination of whether or not an extraction is “simple” or “surgical” can depend on many factors and is subject to change once the procedure is started. We inform our patients up-front of the range in cost, as it can vary based on the level of complication.

At times, the extraction site must be packed with absorbent membrane or plug and sutured to prevent further complications. Your doctor will inform you of this and go over instructions of how to treat the site post-operatively.

Ask your doctor about options to replace a tooth, once extracted. There are many options. Let us help you determine what treatment is right for you.

Root Canals and Partial Root Canals

We know the term “root canal” can cause terror just from the name alone. At My Emergency Dental, we are here to put your mind at ease. Modern day endodontics are nothing like they were in the past. Today’s technology has progressed to shorten the length of the appointment, as well as increase the life-span of the tooth being treated. With effective anesthesia and advanced technology, as well as other methods of sedation, if necessary, we have many tools in our toolbelt to give you the best possible experience in the chair.

If you know you need a root canal and are afraid to receive treatment, come in today and let us take care of your fears so we can take care of your teeth!

urgent dental care
urgent dental care

Treatment of Infection, Including Incision and Drainage

When a cavity gets too big, an infection can occur inside the tooth and eventually make its way out and cause an abscess or swelling. At this point, it is very important that you receive treatment right away to prevent the spread of infection. Serious dental infections can cause intense pain, swelling, fever, tender or swollen lymph nodes, and even death, in extreme cases. Don’t wait another minute.

Here at our clinic, we can drain the infection and remove the cause of the infection so it does not recur. If you are experiencing fever, chills, throat closure, or other life-threatening symptoms, please go to the emergency room first, and then follow up with us to take care of the dental problem.

Chipped or Cracked Teeth

Teeth can chip or crack for a number of reasons, including tooth decay and trauma. Often times our teeth will chip at the most inconvenient times. Not to worry, our team is ready at a moment’s notice to fix your tooth so you can make that interview or board that plane!

Keep in mind that if your tooth has broken due to tooth decay, more extensive treatment may be necessary. Your doctor will diagnose and inform you of your options once the x-ray and exam has been completed.

Loose or Missing Crown

If your crown or “cap” has come off or is loose, that is a sign of an underlying issue with the tooth or gums. Come in today to see a doctor who will inform you of the cause for the missing or loose crown.

Your doctor will explain the problem and go over treatment options with you so you can make an informed decision.