Smyrna Emergency Dentist

Smyrna’s Emergency Dental Care Provider

When you need emergency dental services in Smyrna, a regular 9 to 5 dentist won’t do. That’s where comes in. Open 7 days a week from 8 am to midnight, we’re here for you, whether you need an emergency tooth pulling or same day cosmetic dentistry to fix a damaged tooth.

Why We Love Smyrna

It’s a pleasure to offer emergency dentistry services to the community of Smyrna, the fastest growing city in Cobb County and one of the fastest growing cities in the State of Georgia. Smyrna is situated just 1 mile northwest of Atlanta’s city boundaries, and with its location at the intersection of the I-285 and I-75, you can strike out in any direction in a hurry. From downtown Smyrna to downtown Atlanta, it’s a mere 20 minute drive.

Smyrna was voted among Money’s Top 50 Best Places to Live in America, and Niche has named it to the Top 10 List for Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Georgia. While serving as a bedroom community to Atlanta, Smyrna boasts a distinct flavor and personality. In spring, take in an explosion of sweet-scented jonquils. The city’s official flower bursts into bloom by the thousands along city streets. In summer, cheer your way through an Atlanta Braves game at Truist Park.

If you’re a music lover, check out an open air concert at Market Village. Then browse the shops and restaurants here or stroll around the city’s center in the beautifully landscaped Village Green. For more exercise, hop on a bike and navigate the Silver Comet Trail. The 61+ mile trail paved over an abandoned rail line will take hearty cyclists all the way to Alabama.

Economic opportunities abound in Smyrna with Home Depot’s world headquarters and Comcast’s regional headquarters in close proximity. Lockheed Martin and Dobbins Air Reserve Base are also major employers in the area. The city hosts up-and-coming young professionals and established families lured to the area by the job opportunities, the perfect big city/small town balance, and the nationally respected Cobb County School System.

We’re Here for Smyrna Residents

Need a same day wisdom tooth extraction near Smyrna? We have you covered. No insurance for your emergency dentist appointment? No problem. We offer a host of wallet-friendly financing options. We love our patients from Smyrna, and we’re happy to serve their emergency dental needs around the clock.

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